Hydrocarbon Bioremediation

RXSoil’s naturally-occurring, non-genetically modified blend of oil-degrading microbes has been specifically selected and paired with an engineered-blend of micronutrients to increase remediation efficacy. 

RXSoil uses the principles of bioremediation to ensure moisture, oxygen, and nutrient availability allows effective breakdown of contamination. 

With a success rate of 100%, even with thresholds as strict as 100 mg/kg TPH, you can be confident that RXSoil will clean soil to any local or regional thresholds.

Bioremediation also works in RXSoil treatment cells for emulsified spills where soils are contaminated with TPH, BTEX and chlorides.

Chloride-Contaminated Soil Remediation

Adjacent to the spill, RXSoil constructs a temporary and contained treatment cell with a proprietary drainage system.

The contaminated soil is excavated per regulatory requirements to remove the plume of the release. RXSoil’s proprietary blend of environmentally-friendly amendments is applied and extracted, removing harmful salts from the soil.

Following a thorough testing protocol to confirm remediation, soils are reclaimed and the location is returned to its pre-spill appearance. 

RXSoil is more than just a remediation company

We are stewards of the environment, dedicated to creating sustainable solutions for contaminated soil. Together with our clients and partners, we are making a tangible difference in the health of our planet. Your sustainable, cost-saving, on-site soil remediation solution to produced water and crude releases.


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