The common approach of digging and hauling contaminated soil to landfills goes against many operators ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) efforts.

In addition to getting overcharged for trucking costs, disposal and backfill feeds, “dig-and-haul” leaves an unwanted footprint at the ever-growing landfill and backfill pits and does not prioritize the naturally occurring ecosystem that enables growth.

On-site treatment is cheaper to closure than all the costs associated with digging and hauling to a landfill.

By using a science-based approach to solve the problem instead of moving the problem, the final results of the RXSoil process is a near identical return to the locations’ pre-spill state with no long-term liability.

How to get closure on your projects

Provide RXSoil with spill information (projected cubic yardage, maps, soil data, coordinates, etc.)

Receive and approve a cost estimate that includes all services to get your project to closure

Soil remediation begins (final results in as little as 25 days)


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